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Three Carriage Haus replica Model-T carts on a Galveston pier

Model-t Cart Inventory

In our devoted love for this historic and vibrant city we call Galveston, Carriage Haus Rentals is proud to provide a prototype of the famed 1908 and 1925 Ford Model-T. These two models of golf carts truly pay homage to Henry Ford, retaining much of his noble and charming vision. Now, you can bring home a replica Model-T 1908 or 1925 golf cart of your very own! Specializing in used and new carts, you can ride around your own hometown in vintage style and charm.

Prices above for new units include customs clearance, duties, freight from China to Galveston, assembly of carts.
Excludes in-state sales tax (Out of state sales are tax exempt) and shipping to final destination.

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